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Mesh Decking

Rackman Mesh Decks are a great solution for your warehouse shelving needs. Mesh decks are a great alternative to boards as they are stronger, more durable, cleaner and safer.

Rackman Mesh Decks allow you to hold either 500kgs UDL or 1000kgs UDL per mesh deck. This can be up to 3 times stronger than an 18mm particle board with 4 board supports.

Benefits of Mesh Decking:

• Our mesh decks are galvanised ensuring years of rust protection and do not absorb liquids or humidity from the air like boards can.

• Mesh decks allow dust to fall through to the floor allowing it to be cleaned up as part of your daily warehouse sweep.

• Mesh decks allow light to filter through your pallet rack allowing forklift operators to see what’s going on up high and reducing the “canyon effect” that many warehouses experience.

• Mesh decks are a preferred option in the unfortunate event of a fire as the water from the warehouse sprinkler system can filter down through the pallet rack system more easily than when solid boards are involved. Further, galvanised mesh decks are more fire-resistant than the standard chipboard shelving material commonly found in warehouses.

• Custom mesh deck sizes are available on request.

• Dividers are available to split levels into separate compartments.

Product Specifications