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Get your safety and compliance sorted

Does your Adelaide business use racking? Is your current auditor being transparent with you? For a safe, efficient and compliant Adelaide racking audit that’s clear and stress-free, our expert team is here to deliver. We’ll go through everything in detail and let you know clearly and honestly exactly what you need to do. Helping you meet industry standards AS4084, and providing peace of mind for both your team and your business.

For businesses across Adelaide, a racking audit (aka racking inspection) is an opportunity to streamline your workflow, minimise your risk, and keep your business ticking over without a hitch.

Why you need a racking audit

Since the introduction of Australian Standards AS4084, racking audits from an external provider have become mandatory every 12 months. These standards ensure the safe design, installation, and maintenance of pallet racking systems.

Properly maintained racks are essential to your supply chain, and regular assessment can help you identify damages, know the condition of your racking, and discover any areas you might be able to improve. It’s a proactive step to prevent accidents and protect your stock. In short: it’s good for business.  

Benefits of racking audits for your Adelaide business

● Legal compliance
Adhere to the latest Australian standards as required by law.

● Damage detection
Identify any hidden damages and potential risks in your racking.

● Operational efficiency
Learn ways to optimise your storage capacity.

● Safety assurance
Provide a safe working environment for your team, boosting morale and productivity.

● Insurance protection
Ensure your insurance remains valid with proof of compliance and detailed audit reports.

● Minimise risk
Avoid the financial risks of non-compliance, including potential liability and negligence claims.

Our expert audits will keep your racking system up to code, keeping you covered and giving you that invaluable peace of mind.

Racking audit quick facts

If you’ve got pallet racking in your operation, you’ll need to undergo annual audits by a third party like Rackman Australia.

You can’t perform the audit yourself. It has to be an external, qualified professional.

There are pretty serious consequences for non-compliance, and in the event of the worst, Safe Work Australia could shut your business down.

The most common issues we find in racking audits include damage from forklifts and tynes, overloaded racks, and misalignment due to impact or improper installation.

Why choose Rackman Australia for your racking audit?

At Rackman Australia, we’ve got over 200 years of combined industry experience. Since the new industry standards launched, we’ve built a reputation as a trusted name in racking audits – in Adelaide and across Australia. We offer:

A dedicated task force of inspectors

Our inspectors undergo rigorous training and adhere to strict OHS Racking Auditors guidelines.

The green light from insurers

Our processes are recognised by the insurance industry and our work is backed by professional indemnity insurance.

Solutions you can afford

We always aim to offer competitive pricing while delivering a consistently high level of customer-first service.

Did you know we offer a Platinum Service?

Engage with us for a 3-year contract, and you’ll see exclusive benefits like:

A 10% discount on standard pricing
Additional detail of damages via top-view plans
Yearly reminders so you’ll always be audit-ready
A safety compliance certificate to demonstrate your commitment
Access to professional Rackman training, and more

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

We’re here to offer our racking audit services to clients in Adelaide and throughout the country. Our expert auditors handle projects of all sizes, from small warehouses to large distribution centres. We genuinely believe we offer the most thorough, user-friendly and cost-effective audit reporting in the business. Once you’ve engaged with us, you’ll know who to turn to, every time. Ready to secure your operation with a racking audit?