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Compliance comes with peace of mind

Look after the safety of your team with a comprehensive racking audit (otherwise known as a racking inspection). Helping you elevate your efficiency, and make sure your workplace meets OH&S and insurance compliance.

Since 2023, the industry has new benchmarks in the form of AS4084.1 and AS4084.2. These standards provide guidelines for the safe design, installation, and maintenance of pallet racking systems – and they now state that audits from an external provider are mandatory.

For Perth businesses, a racking audit is an opportunity to ensure your operation runs like a well-oiled machine with no costly accidents, damaged stock, or lost time injuries. Racks are the foundation of a supply chain, so it pays to keep yours in good nick.

Why get a racking audit?

For one, it’s now a legal requirement. But there are many more benefits to getting regular racking audits from an expert Perth provider like us.

You’ll identify any damages you may have missed. Know the exact condition of a fundamental part of your operation and any areas it might be deficient. Plus get confirmation that you’re using your racks to their full potential, and maybe even increase your storage capacity. 

Of course, it also lets you and your team know that they can go about their day-to-day with confidence that their racking is all up to standard. Make safety and maintenance a priority, and you’ll see returns in your efficiency, staff retention, and reputation. And that’s just good for business. 

Keep your insurance airtight

You need to conduct regular racking audits and comply with AS4084.1:2023 and AS4084.2:2023 for indemnity insurance coverage. Your insurer will need proof of compliance as well as a comprehensive audit report from us. 

Don’t leave your business open to potential liability issues, like negligence claims, that could come as a result of racking failures. It’s never an issue, until it is – and a small mistake or detail can void your insurance and come with significant financial penalties.

But don’t worry. With a racking audit from us, we’ll ensure everything is up to code, giving you full peace of mind and making sure your cover stays intact.

The most user-friendly and cost-effective audits in the industry

At Rackman Australia, we’ve got over 200 years of combined industry knowledge. Safe to say, we’re racking experts – and we have a dedicated Perth task force for conducting racking audits along with a streamlined system designed to make your job easy.

Our inspectors comply with a stringent OHS Racking Auditors manual. They’re vetted for prior experience and undergo extensive on-the-job training. As a result, our processes are approved by the insurance industry, and backed by our own professional indemnity insurance which covers design, advice, software and auditing.

Ultimately, we believe we offer one of the most affordable and efficient racking audit services in Perth.

Compliance comes with peace of mind

Do I need an audit?

In short, yes. Everyone with pallet racking does. Australian standards now require a safety audit from a qualified third party every 12 months.

Can I do it myself?​

Not anymore. Previously, many businesses would self-audit – but this is no longer legal.

What are they going to do, shut us down?​

They might! If you don’t comply with Australian standards or make required maintenance within the allocated period – usually a few weeks – Safe Work Australia can shut your operation down. Definitely not worth the risk.

What are the main issues that show up in a racking audit?​

The most common damage we see is from forklift tynes, overloading, and tilting or misalignment from poor installation.

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

We’ve got racking auditors right across Australia and will provide inspections from 20 pallet spaces to 20,000. No matter the job, what remains consistent is our level of detail, efficiency, reliability and affordability. If you’re ready to get a Perth racking audit – let’s get your storage sorted.