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Fixes done fast

Do you have warehouse racking that needs repairing? Leave it to the experts. At Rackman Australia, we’ve got the tools and expertise to take care of all your Adelaide racking repairs without the risk.

We can handle all kinds of repairs for all kinds of racking, whether it’s a minor dent from a forklift or a major structural issue. With our efficient and cost-effective racking repairs, your Adelaide business will be back on track as soon as possible.

Types of racking repairs we offer

Here are some of the most frequent racking repair issues we encounter here at Rackman. Ignoring racking damage is never a good idea, so whatever warehouse racking repair issue you need help with, trust our team to get it sorted.

● Bent and damaged frames
Usually caused by a forklift collision or a mishandled load, we can expertly reinforce and strengthen bent frames to restore, and even improve, their strength and stability.

● Loose or missing bolts
Losing bolts can simply happen over time, or be the result of heavy loads or constant vibrations. We’ll meticulously check and tighten all bolts, replacing any that are missing or damaged.

● Rust and corrosion
Exposure to moisture and harsh environmental conditions can cause rust and corrosion on your racking. We treat affected areas and apply protective coatings to prevent any further deterioration.

● Damaged beams and supports:
Overloading and accidental impacts can damage the beams and supports of your racking. Our racking repair services will replace or reinforce your beams to restore their load-bearing capacity.

On-site and once-off Adelaide racking repairs

We’re always aiming to minimise the disruption to your business workflow, which is why our on-site repairs are so convenient. Our expert repair team will come directly to your facility, equipped with the tools and materials necessary to handle repairs immediately.

Our once-off repairs are perfect for addressing urgent issues without the need for a long-term maintenance contract. With Rackman Australia, you can rely on quick, professional, and cost-effective solutions to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

Ongoing Adelaide racking repairs

Want the peace of mind that your racking will always be looked after? Our Platinum Service offers ongoing compliance with a 3-year contract to take care of all your mandatory annual racking inspections. It’s the easy way to make sure your racking is up to standard and any repairs are identified and addressed swiftly.

Our Platinum Service comes with a long list of exclusive benefits including a 10% discount, safety certifications, training and development, and more.

The Rackman Australia Difference

At Rackman Australia, we take our work – and safety – very seriously. Here’s what you get with us.

A trusted name

With over 200 years of combined experience in the racking industry and longstanding client relationships, we’ve built a reputation as being able to handle any repair job.

In-house team

Most of our workforce is in-house, ensuring we can stand behind their expertise and level of service. Any contractors we use undergo a strict accreditation process and are integrated into our stringent systems.

Fast response

We understand the importance of keeping your business running, and our team responds promptly to repair requests so that your racking systems are back in service ASAP.

Cost-effective solutions

We provide high-level expertise without a high price tag. We offer competitive pricing for all repair services – but we never compromise on quality.

For peace of mind, we can assist with ongoing maintenance and, if needed, full racking replacement. Our products and materials are all sourced from leading and trusted manufacturers.

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

When it comes to racking repairs, even small issues can hide larger structural problems that could compromise the safety of your team and business. Don’t take the risk – get your Adelaide racking repairs sorted fast with the Rackman team.