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Key Benefits of Safetylock

• All racking components are certified to the Australian Standard 4084.1:2023. Both in-house testing and independent certification in Australia and Overseas. This includes seismic standards to meet AS1170.4-2007.

• Lifetime warranty (25 years) on all new racking components.

• High Steel Grade Cold Rolled Coil used for all beam and

• Reduced ongoing maintenance and repair costs due to higher design tolerance.

• Local supply of any ongoing spare parts required for additions/maintenance.

• Specially designed safety drop beam pin that cannot fall out or be damaged.

• Flanged post for stronger loading and greater impact resistance.

Safetylock product is a high-quality Malaysian-based product designed and manufactured by the SKB Shutters Corporation, which is an award-winning company that has been making high-quality products for over 60 years and was established in 1957. The current workforce is over 200 full-time employees. The production facility of over 50,000m² in Kota Damansara is about 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur City – where containers are loaded on direct vessels to Perth, Adelaide and other Australian cities.

The Engineering and Design team for the Safetylock range is extensive with industry knowledge stretching back to the first racking designed approx. 50 years ago. Their range of products covers the entire storage market including standard selective racking through to ASRS, Shuttle and Pallet Flow systems. Lighter and more commonly needed products like Longspan and a full range of accessories are also supplied.

Safetylock Frames have been engineered to maximise structural capacity and operating safety. The upright shape is designed to maximise the effectiveness of the steel.

The shape was a result of several tests on various shapes, sizes and steel grades.

The beam connection slot has been minimised to reduce the quantity of steel removed from the upright and increase safety factors and resistance to accidental damage.

SafetyLock Frame Bracing is of high-grade steel and is a specially rolled-lipped channel 36×25 to maximise frame rigidity and overall strength.

All frames are fully braced from bottom to top at the same pitch. We do not recommend increasing the pitch at the upper part of frames or reducing bracing members.

SafetyLock Boxed Beams are formed of two steel-lipped channels that are crimped and interlocked at all four corners. The reinforced corners prevent the opening of the beam sections and provide maximum resistance to accidental horizontal impact and overloading during use.

Load Beam Deflection Safetylock Load Beams are designed for a maximum deflection of 1/200 when loaded to the specified load limits.

Load Beam Safety Factors – The popular size beam 85mm wide and 2591mm long, designed to support two Australian Standard Pallets weighing 1050 kg each, has been repeatedly in situ tested up to buckling point to determine ultimate strength and, every test showed a safety factor in excess of 2:1, before buckling of the beam section or connector resulted.

In layman’s terms, test weights over 4000kg were applied and no buckling or shear was evident at this limit. However, we do not recommend the loading of support beams in excess of the specified SWL, as there are several other aspects that must be considered when computing capacities and safety factors.

Load Beam to Upright Connection Safetylock Connectors have been designed to enable front-to-back and left-to-right “wedging” to maximise the effectiveness of the load beam to upright connection, the heavier the load the stronger the connection. The connector has been designed to provide a clearance between the upright and beam connector to prevent jamming and provide for uneven loading of the various beam levels in a bay.

The Safetylock Load Beam Connector is 4mm thick and is engineered to provide additional steel in the hooks; this increases the shear strength of the connector. The Safetylock connector is known to have a shear strength 50% higher than other connectors available in the market today.

Load Beam Locking DeviceSafetylock Load beams are installed with Locking Pins for maximum safety of goods and operators.

Generally used ‘spring-on’ safety devices can pop out during use. This increases the risk of load beam failure.

The SafetyLock Locking Pin stays in during use, providing a higher resistance to accidental lifting of the load beams by Lift Trucks.

Safetylock Heavy Duty Base Plates are heavy-duty wrap-a-round upright protectors that are fully welded to the base. They are bolted to the upright post with either two or four bolts and anchored to the floor with two high-strength fixings.

Base plates are used to fix uprights to the floor, protect the floor from upright edges, spread the applied load shape over the base plate and enable levelling of the racking system.

A range of custom thicknesses and designs will be used to suit the application. Factors include frame type, load rating, frame height, baseplate thickness required, seismic and rack protection.

Safetylock system testing and certification

The Safetylock Racking system is the most legitimately and independently tested pallet racking system available today. Besides inhouse testing and design in the Malaysian, Factory the rack testing and load computations have been carried out and independently certified by an Australian Structural Engineer in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and International codes. 

Safetylock Racking has been independently assessed and certified by an Australian Certified Engineer to AS4084.1:2023. A “Certificate of Structural Verification and Compliance to AS4084.1:2023” or “General Structure Engineer Proof Checking Certificate including AS1170.4 -2007 Structural Design Actions Part 4: Earthquake Actions in Australia and AS4084.1:2023” is available for all projects. Charges may or may not apply.