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Louvered Panels and Plastic Bins

Rackman Louvered Rack Kits

The Mobile Parts Trolley is a double-sided unit set on lockable castors. It is ideal for storing and organising small parts such as nuts, bolts, fittings and other hardware that may be used in mechanical, engineering, plumbing or electrical workshops, sheds and general warehouses.

The Mobile parts bin trolley is also a great solution for your workstation feeder bin requirements.

**All kits are supplied unassembled in cartons & easy to assemble**

Static Louvered Rack Kits

Mobile Louvered Rack Kits

Rackman Picking Bins

This bin range is designed to streamline picking items and features a large surface area at the front of the bin for adding stock labels/colour coded-labels.

With the surface being smooth all over and no interfering divider slots (apart from AP35), these bins make cleaning and removing dust an easy task – ideal for medical and hygiene industries.

**suited for Louvered Panels or Steel RUT Shelving**

Rackman Supra Bins

This bin range is suitable for all types of storage; whether you wish to utilise louvered panels or place them on shelving. This range offers both smaller and much larger bins to cater to any industry or home garage shelving needs.

Our parts bins are colour-coded by size to make it easy to identify the contents of each parts bin.

**suited for Louvered Panels**

Small Louvered Panel Bins

Larger Shelf Picking Bins

Dividers to Suit

Rackman Louvered Panels

Louvered panels are a great method of organising and tidying up your shed or storage area and are designed to be attached to either a wall or upright surface such as a workbench or shelving beams.

Use these panels to hang your plastic bins on so that you never lose those small fiddly nuts, bolts and other items that can lead to wasted energy, time and frustration.

Options include:

  • • Panel hooks in single prong at 150mm length
  • • Panel hooks in loop configuration at 250mm length

Rackman Louvered Panel Accessories

Rackman Spare Parts Trays

This bin range is ideal for storing and picking small to medium, high and low-volume products in various industries or even for your home shed. It’s best paired with RUT steel shelving as each bin is specifically designed to suit Australian RUT shelving sizes which enables each shelf level of product to be completely filled with the part trays with no unused gaps in between.

All parts trays come standard with dividers included with the option of purchasing additional dividers to suit your product/storage requirements; plus a large surface space at the front of the bin for placing stock labels/colour-coded labels.

Spare Parts Trays 415mm Depth

Spare Parts Trays 615mm Depth

Dividers & Accessories to Suit

Rackman Steel Shelving Kits

These flat-packed steel shelving kits are easy to assemble, transport and are carefully packaged to eliminate any damage whilst in transit.