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Get compliant and get peace of mind

There are new standards in the industry that relate to warehouse racking – and now, yearly inspections are mandatory. At Rackman Australia, we offer thorough and professional racking inspections to help Adelaide businesses stay compliant.

Compliant racking makes for a safer, more efficient workplace. That’s better for your team, your productivity, and your business. 

Why your Adelaide warehouse needs a racking inspection

Legal compliance

Australian Standards AS4084 now mandates annual racking inspections for all pallet racking. Compliance ensures you meet OH&S reporting and indemnity insurance requirements, safeguarding your business against legal and financial risks.

Team safety

Regular inspections protect your workforce by identifying potential hazards. A safe working environment helps you retain your staff but also demonstrates your commitment to them – with the added benefit of making your business a more attractive place to work.

Preventative maintenance

Early detection of damages allows for cost-effective repairs, preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.

Operational efficiency

Inspections are a way to check that your racking system is being used to its full potential, and can offer suggestions to improve your space utilisation or streamline your operation.

Longevity and reliability

Routine inspections ensure the longevity and reliability of your racking system, providing peace of mind that your infrastructure will remain dependable for years.

An expert Adelaide warehouse racking inspection team

During your inspection, our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your racking system. Under the current regulations, self-inspections are no longer permissible, so to be compliant you’ll need an assessment from a professional like us.

Our detailed inspections (also known as racking audits) focus on:

● Structural integrity
Checking for damaged, overloaded, or non-compliant racking components, including rust and weak spots.

● Safe Working Load signage
Ensuring all your mandatory signage is present and accurate.

● Racking construction
Identifying missing or unauthorised modifications to your racking system.

Safe Work Australia has the authority to shut down workplaces that fail to address racking issues identified during inspections. So it’s always worth taking action promptly to avoid disruptions and potential penalties.

If we do find any issues, our maintenance team is ready to provide quick and effective Adelaide racking repairs, ensuring your racking system meets all safety and compliance standards.

Why choose Rackman

At Rackman Australia, we’ve got a passion for getting things sorted – and that extends to our Adelaide warehouse racking inspections. Here’s what sets us apart:

 An inspection task force:
At Rackman Australia, we have a dedicated team of racking specialists who are full bottle on all the relevant industry standards and legal requirements. Our inspectors follow a strict OHS Racking Auditors Manual and undergo extensive training, so you know your inspection will be in good hands.

 Insurance approval:
Our inspection reports are recognised by the insurance industry, and our work is backed by professional indemnity insurance for your peace of mind.

 Affordable solutions:
A We strive to offer competitive pricing while maintaining the highest level of customer-focused service on the market.

Discover our Platinum service

For VIP customers, our Platinum inspection service comes with a higher tier of benefits. Lock in a 3-year contract for annual inspections and you’ll get:

A 10% discount on standard pricing

Detailed damage reports with top-view plans

Annual reminders to keep you audit-ready

A safety compliance certificate showcasing your commitment

Access to professional training from our team, and much more.

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

Not only do we ensure your compliance with Australian laws and insurance requirements, but we also carry our own insurance covering consultation, design, and inspections. With Rackman Australia, you can trust that your racking system is up to standard – and get back to doing what your business does best.