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Tick compliance off your to-do list

The law is clear – warehouse racking inspections from a qualified provider are now mandatory once a year. The good news is that this is an opportunity to make sure your team stays safe, your infrastructure is solid, and your Perth warehouse business is running as efficiently as it could be.

Our racking inspectors will make sure you’re compliant with the latest industry standards AS4084, so you can maintain your OH&S reporting and indemnity insurance requirements. It’s invaluable peace of mind, and Rackman Australia is here to help you get it.

Why you need a qualified warehouse racking inspection

Whether you’re handling 20 pallets or 20,000, you need to get a pallet racking inspection every 12 months as per Australian Standards AS4084.1:2023 and AS4084.2:2023. It’s the best way to ensure you’re looking after your employees, products and business.

A regular inspection can actually have a range of benefits.

Protect your staff

Keep your workforce safe and see benefits with employee retention and attraction. 

Take preventative measures

Spot damages and address issues while they’re still easy – and cheap – to fix.

Optimise your operation

Get the assurance that you’re using your racks to their full potential, and if not, identify ways to use your space more efficiently.

Trust your racking to last longer

Get the peace of mind that your warehouse racking will stay reliable for years to come.

Meet your insurance requirements

For indemnity and liability insurance, you need to comply with AS4084 which includes the yearly warehouse racking inspection. We’ll make sure to provide you with proof of compliance as well as a comprehensive inspection report. And help to protect your business from any potentially costly claims. 

What we look for in a warehouse racking inspection

When we conduct warehouse racking inspections (AKA racking audits), our inspectors are looking for damaged, overloaded or otherwise non-compliant pallet racking. Any places where the structural integrity of your racking may be compromised, like rusted or weak, ageing metal. We’ll also check your Safe Working Load signage, missing components, and any unauthorised altering of your racking. 

A dedicated expert warehouse racking inspection team

At Rackman Australia, we’ve assembled a specialised racking inspection task force that understands the standards and legal obligations back-to-front. Our systems have been designed for efficiency and clarity, which ultimately, saves you time.

We maintain a strict OHS Racking Auditors Manual that our inspectors must comply with, and each has extensive industry experience. We also provide thorough on-the-job training, so you know you’re getting the most qualified eyes to assess your racking.

What’s the difference between a racking inspection and a racking audit?

They’re one and the same. AS4084 refers to ‘annual inspections’, but people use the term audit in much the same way. What’s important is that whatever you call it, as a business, you’re no longer legally able to do these yourself. They must be conducted by a competent inspector who understands the engineering that underpins a modern racking system. That’s exactly what we offer.

It’s worth noting that Safe Work Australia can, and do, shut down workplaces that do not adequately address any issues found in an inspection, and they often only give businesses a few weeks to do it. If we do find anything that isn’t quite up to scratch, you can rely on our Perth maintenance team to take care of it, fast.

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

Not only will we get you compliant with your insurance and Australian law, but we’re also covered by our own insurance – from design and advice to our software and inspections. Don’t take the chance with your racking. Book in a fast, easy and affordable warehouse racking inspection from our team.