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Quality racking at a price you can afford

When our customers are happy, we’re happy. That’s our ethos here at Rackman Australia, and it powers our commitment to quality, service, and affordable prices.

Our warehouse racking prices are so competitive because of our reputation and nationwide network. We’ve built relationships with some of the biggest businesses in the industry, sourcing, trading and selling a comprehensive range of standard and specialised storage products. And it means we can pass the cost savings onto our customers. 

Whatever kind of warehouse racking you need, we’re sure to have it at a fair price.

A massive range of affordable racking

Investing in a racking system is a critical decision for any business aiming to maximise storage and operational efficiency. We serve Perth warehouses of every size, from standard pallet racking to cantilever racking, archive racking, mezzanine floors, longspan shelving and much more. Every warehouse racking product we stock is affordably priced and built to last.

We’re also the exclusive Australian provider of Safetylock, the high-quality, high-capacity and ultra-safe range designed by the award-winning SKB Shutters in Malaysia. With their durability, reliability and cutting-edge engineering, Safetylock warehouse racking is well worth its price.

Factors that impact warehouse racking prices

How much does warehouse racking in Perth cost? It totally depends on the type and usage. The level of quality, and the kind of materials used in construction, will significantly impact the price. For example, high-quality steel racking systems are more durable but come at a higher cost compared with systems made from lighter materials.

As you’d expect, racking systems designed to hold heavier loads require sturdier construction and more advanced engineering, so are more expensive. It’s crucial to choose a type that can safely support the weight of your inventory, or you’re risking accidents, potential damage, and the safety of your team. 

The complexity of installation can also influence the overall cost. You’ll save on labour with systems that are easier to assemble and install, while complex or large-scale installations will take more manpower and are priced accordingly. At Rackman, we offer both.

Adding safety features such as guardrails, netting, and safety clips can also increase the cost – but if you consider the potential benefits, these features pay for themselves.

Racking tailored to you

Interested in a custom solution? We offer a comprehensive design and consultation service to our WA customers. We’ll listen to your needs and help you develop the ideal warehouse racking product for your business at a good price. 

Our state-of-the-art design and calculation systems mean we can design and quote for even massive spaces in hours – not weeks, like some of our competitors. Saving you money, and more importantly, time.

How to get the best warehouse racking prices

When shopping around for a racking system, have an idea of your exact storage needs like the type of goods and average weight. This will help us determine the product that best matches your needs.

We also offer easy installation and maintenance, so don’t forget to factor these costs into your budget. Our labour is all offered in-house, so we can guarantee their expertise. It’s how we’ve built a reputation on exceptional installation and relocation, so when you partner with us, you’re getting your money’s worth. 

And, of course, if expansion is on the horizon, consider the scalability of your system or whether you need it to be easily reconfigured. We even offer great trade-in value for your old racking.

Whatever your business trajectory, let’s chat about your needs.

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

For a huge range of warehouse racking at great prices, reach out to the team at Rackman Australia. We love racking, and we love making our customers happy with safe, effective and affordable racking solutions that tick every box.