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The highest quality warehouse racking systems

Need to up your warehouse storage and improve your workflow? You’ve come to the right place. At Rackman Australia, we’re a leading provider of warehouse racking systems that transform your space into an organised, efficient, and safe working environment.

 Our comprehensive range of solutions caters to the diverse needs of businesses in Perth and right across Australia, ensuring that no matter what your supply chain looks like, we have the perfect product for you.

A range of racking systems for your warehouse

Explore some of the most popular products we supply and install for our warehouse clients.

Pallet racking

Sturdy, dependable and accessible, pallet racking is the mainstay of a modern warehouse operation. It’s versatile, ideal for a massive range of stock, and makes it easy to pick and manage inventory. We have options including selective pallet racking, hot dip galvanised, double deep racking, narrow aisle, and more. 

Cantilever racking

Handling oversized stock or awkward freight? Cantilever racking expands your storage capabilities and comes in light, medium and heavy duty. Store everything from aluminium and timber to steel and gyprock. Adjustable arms accommodate varying product sizes and weights.

Longspan shelving

Affordable and efficient, longspan shelving is ideal for storing boxes and archives, as well as functioning as workbenches in workshops. Perfect for storing items of medium weight, offering easy access and efficient organisation.

Mezzanine floors

If you’ve got the vertical real estate, a mezzanine floor or raised storage area (RSA) can give you another layer of floor space and increase your operational area. We supply pallet racking and structural RSAs plus all kinds of gates, handrails and barriers to keep your team safe on the floor. 

Mesh decking

A great alternative to boards, mesh decks provide a stronger, cleaner and safer way for you to store your UDLs. Galvanised for rust protection, our mesh decking does not absorb liquid or humidity. Plus, the apertures in the mesh improve visibility for your forklift operators. 

Leading manufacturers and our ranges

At Rackman, we’ve spent our time in the industry forging relationships with top suppliers and manufacturers, not just in Perth but across Australia and the world. 

We’re the exclusive Australian supplier of Safetylock, manufactured by the award-winning SKB Shutters in Malaysia. Safetylock offers the highest standards of safety and engineering, with frames designed to maximise structural capacity.

We’re also a distributor for ECLIPS systems, providing a range of innovative and modular logistics solutions that are used by defence, emergency services and the mining sector.

You will also find our own Rackman Australia ranges for niche purposes including storing PPE (Firespan) and tyre storage (Tyrespan). 

From vertical racking, car cantilever, Rigirack and rail systems to all kinds of accessories, our range is always growing. Tell us what you need and we’ll have something to suit you. 

Need a custom warehouse racking system?

If you have specific load requirements and space constraints, come and see our expert in-house design team. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that fits your unique needs, taking into account your usage, safety measures, access, timing, and budget.

Our quotes are competitive, and all our custom systems align with the relevant international and Australian safety standards. And of course, we can also help you with racking installation and ongoing maintenance. 

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

As you can see, when it comes to warehouse racking systems, no one can offer the range, quality and commitment to service that we do here at Rackman. Read our reviews to discover what over 200 years of combined industry experience means to our customers.