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Safe racking sets up a safe operation

As a leader provider of racking and storage solutions, safety is in our DNA here at Rackman Australia. We understand that for your operation to run smoothly and your staff to stay protected, safety is a priority for you too. Ensuring best warehouse rack safety practices can enhance the productivity of your Adelaide business and extend the lifespan of your equipment, so you can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

The new Australian Standards AS4084.1:2023 and AS4084.2:2023 are aimed at improving the safety of pallet racking. They outline best practices for the safe design, installation, and maintenance of pallet racking systems, plus mandate that businesses conduct a racking inspection by a qualified inspector once every 12 months.

Our dedicated team in Adelaide can take care of these inspections and any other repairs you need to ensure your warehouse rack safety.

Tips for enhancing warehouse rack safety

Maintaining a safe workplace is a never-ending process that requires ongoing diligence and preventative measures. Our team is here to make it easy. With over 200 years of combined industry experience, we’ve gathered valuable insights you can leverage to keep your warehouse environment safe and efficient. Here are a few practical tips:

Regular inspections and maintenance

Your yearly inspection is required by law, but it pays to have more regular checks to identify signs of wear, damage, or misalignment early. Look for bent frames, loose bolts, and other potential hazards, and keep track of everything with an easy-to-share maintenance log. Addressing issues swiftly can prevent small problems from becoming major concerns. 

Keep your weight distribution even

It’s forklifting 101 – when loading and unloading your racking, ensure that the weight of your pallets is evenly distributed across the racking levels. In a high-pressure warehouse environment, it can be easy to accidentally overload one side of your racking, so encourage your team to take an extra second and check that the load is spread evenly.

Spread awareness first and foremost

Safety begins with awareness, which is why it’s so important to educate your employees on the proper use of your racking systems, including loading and unloading procedures, load ratings, and emergency protocols. Ensuring everyone is well-trained and informed significantly reduces the risk of accidents, and creates a more positive, safety-first workplace culture.

A wide range of safe and secure products

At Rackman Australia, we only offer products of the highest standard and quality, and they’re all tested to strict safety requirements.

We stock a variety of unique products for specialised use and niche industries, such as Tyrespan, Firespan, vertical racking, car cantilever, Rigirack, rail systems, and a wide range of accessories. Our inventory is always expanding, so if you have specific needs, we’ll aim to find the product to suit.

When your Adelaide business requires the best, Safetylock is the ultimate in warehouse rack safety. Manufactured in Malaysia, Safetylock is a trusted name worldwide – and we’re the exclusive Australian supplier.

Safety is part of our process

At Rackman Australia, our comprehensive Quality Health Safety Environment System Management Plan (QHSESMP) guides all our work. This includes:

Safe Method Work Statements (SWMS)
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Safe Operating Procedures (SOPS)
Checklists and site safety forms
Toolbox forms
Induction and training assessments
Policies and procedures guidelines
Auditing procedures

For added peace of mind, our work is covered by robust indemnity insurance policies.

Nobody knows racking like Rackman Australia

As you can see, at Rackman, safety is a top priority. Our commitment to quality is reflected in everything we do, from supply and installation to maintenance of racking systems. We take pride in being a leading racking provider and staunch advocate for warehouse rack safety – in Adelaide and across the nation.