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Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group

At Rackman Australia, we thrive on helping companies create the ultimate organised space with a proven process that delivers substantial time and cost savings.

In 2023, we had the privilege of partnering with Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group as it consolidated two of its existing warehouses in Victoria into one new purpose-built facility.

Working closely with the Aeroklas team – with whom we already had an established national working relationship – we designed and delivered a customised racking solution for this exciting project, which increased the group’s national footprint by 100%.

We’re thrilled to have been entrusted with this turnkey operation, which included Rackman:

  • • supplying permits for the new state-of-the-art site
  • • managing equipment trade-in
  • • handling makegood of the former warehouse site
  • • advising on, designing, supplying & installing new racking systems and solutions


The Client

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group specialises in designing, producing and selling automotive accessories across a range of sectors. It exports to more than 70 countries and has warehouse and distribution centres in Australia, Germany and North America.

Searching for better pricing and quality, the company began using Rackman Australia products in 2020.

As the authorised Australian distributor (WA and SA) of stow Australia’s leading pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions, we were Aeroklas’ top choice to complete this racking layout job in Merrifield, 30 kilometres from Melbourne.

Aeroklas was also confident in Rackman Australia’s further extensive product range, our unique experience and services, and our pricing and advice.

The Brief

For this project, Aeroklas required a turnkey warehouse racking partner with a national footprint, one who could meet its specific needs and manage the process from the design consultation phase through to installation.

Rackman Australia offered a competitive trade of existing racking (the value of which was offset against new racking costs) and makegood of the existing racking and warehouse floor. This convenient one-stop-shop service delivered important time and cost efficiencies for Aeroklas.

Aeroklas’ new space required a layout that could store a variety of different products, from bull bars to canopies and suspension components.

As the products varied in size and weight, getting the right mix of racking involved careful consideration.

“Our partnership with Rackman Australia is a strong relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and integrity. ” said Mark Boardman, Manufacturing Manager, Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group

The Process

Starting with a blank canvas, Rackman worked in tandem with Aeroklas on the design over a 10-month period. During this time, layout changes and new product lines sparked necessary racking design revisions.

Using our live drawing offering and Microsoft Teams, our two teams worked on the layout live on AutoCAD.

This delivered exceptional benefits, providing a platform for real-time input from all parties and on-the-spot design tweaks. The impact of these changes on overall design could be viewed immediately, allowing for instantaneous further refinements.

Using these technologies, Rackman offered an efficient and effective design and approval process, resulting in achieving the best utilisation of space and quick racking installation, therefore enhancing business outcomes.

A notable aspect of the design was the need for a long mesh deck to span an entire unit. Rackman supplied and installed a 4m deck in one piece, eliminating the potential for loading issues caused by subtle differing heights if two decks were joined together. It also reduced installation time.

Rackman offered reduced setup costs through the use of second-hand materials where appropriate.

We also worked closely with Aeroklas’ builder to meet OHS rules and requirements as our staff and contractors attended the site.

The Result

Rackman, as the authorised distributor for Stow products in Western Australia and South Australia, played a pivotal role in successfully completing the Aeroklas project. We ensured that the project was executed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards, all while leveraging the exceptional racking solutions provided by Stow.

Our service included a site visit prior to installation. This vital part of the process ensured the design could be updated to accommodate fire hydrants in locations different from those initially planned, meaning the racking installation could go ahead without issue.

Rackman, leveraging Stow’s globally recognised expertise in racking solutions, played a pivotal role in ensuring the resounding success of the Aeroklas project. We were unwavering in our commitment to providing Aeroklas with unparalleled access to top-tier warehouse storage and racking solutions, and Stow’s exceptional offerings proved to be the perfect, tailored solution to precisely meet Aeroklas’ unique requirements.

Aeroklas particularly appreciated Rackman’s use of Heavy Duty Concrete Screws where the tread taps directly into the concrete, with no blowout from dyna bolt movement.

“Rackman Australia contributes towards Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group’s vision to be the world’s best leading 4WD and Ute accessory company.” said Mark Boardman

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